My Vision

Welcome to Goodgoosies! I am Gary and I am very glad that you have found my site. I hope that what I have to offer here will be of great value to you going forward.

Firstly About Me

Gary Goodgoosies

That is me in the picture. I am a happily married man with two wonderful sons. I am now blessed to be truly happy and living the life that I always dreamed of as a growing lad!

This wasn’t always the case though. Up until recently I was completely unsatisfied with everything! Like most people in this world, I was trapped in a mindset that life was a struggle and society driven fears were preventing me from realising one very important life changing factor.

Happiness is a choice! Even when the world around us seems in a desperate state, and the pressure of modern day life is causing stress and depression, we can choose to be happy even if its just for a moment. It is amazing how a small amount of humour and inspiration can create such a huge wave of positive energy to help us through tough times.

My Vision

This site’s aim is to firstly showcase a “goose bump” rendering moment (the good kind!), and then to share a laugh or two. Once you have that smile on your face I would then really like for you to take a moment to read through one of my posts. I have discovered so much amazing material that I would love to share with the world. I believe that it is all truly life changing content! Some of the topics include “how to be happy in life”, “goal setting strategies” and “visualization techniques”.

Through my research I have realized that most unhappiness in this world is caused by financial strain. For this very reason I am promoting an alternative source of income in my content. Please check it out here. I truly believe that we can achieve anything that we want in this life if we learn to apply our minds correctly. Right now I am busy researching techniques to help with this and I am fully committed to developing this website as a catalyst to share success and happiness in this world! This is my vision!!

It is my hope that you will bookmark this site and visit from time to time, especially when you are feeling down in the dumps. Please also follow me on your social media to keep up to date with my new content. I would also most appreciate any shares to reach out as far as possible!

Please feel free to leave comments and questions on any page/post that you read, or you can drop me an email in my contact me section. Enjoy!!


Founder of Goodgoosies

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My Vision — 24 Comments

  1. I’ve read multiple amounts of posts from your site and I have to say that you have definitely given me lots of happiness, inspiration, and motivation. I believe the more value you put out to the world the more value you will get back and that is exactly what you are doing my friend. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hi Jose.

      I want to thank you very much for your comment. It gives me the greatest joy just knowing that this site is making a difference in some peoples lives. Even if it is just for a moment or two, a small amount of happiness goes a long way!


  2. Hi Gary,
    This is absolutely fantastic, well done, the world needs more people like you and I wish you all the happiness and success possible, I’ll be following this like a hawk:) especially after my drive home from work 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Hi Mike

      I am so pleased that you feel this way about my website.

      To be honest I was a little nervous about the launch, but with response like yours it is giving me the confidence to steam ahead!! Looking forward to communicating more with you on my site.

      Cheers bud.

  3. This is a good and sincere introduction to your site. Its good the put a face behind the name as it ads personability to your site and visitors arent left thinking, who is this guy ? Good luck with your website, i think it has a positive message, and look forward to reading some articles and looking around

    • Hi Chris. I appreciate the feedback so thank you very much. I want the public to see who is behind this website because I am proud of it and I would like people to trust the content 100%! Please share any of this content you read here to help me spread some happiness. Thanks again 🙂

  4. This is a very happy site! I am happy to have come across this page and be able to see this information. Congratulations on your endeavors, Mr. Gary! I love the colors, background, organizations, and page layout! The goosies of the day are perfect for putting a smile on a person’s face, especially to be able to see what’s suppose to be a vicious dog, singing.

    • Hi Carrie. Thank you for your comment and feedback on my site. It makes me happy to know that I have been able to put a smile on your face today 🙂 Please come back and visit again soon. I am certain that you will find more content here that may help to cheer you up if ever you are feeling a little down.


  5. Hello Gary,
    First let me say that I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Second, I think you are on to a really helpful idea for a web site. These days people seem to let the world weigh them down much more than it really should. It is all about perspective. If you can alter your perspective of events and your current situation, you can change your world. I believe that your words of positivity and encouragement will help a lot of people. I wish you all the best.

    • Hi Rick. Thank you very much for those very wise words and I agree with you entirely. I really do believe that each of us have the ability to find positivity and change our perspective in any situation, even in our darkest moments! “Perspective” is actually a great topic to discuss here so I am going to do a little research and write some content in the near future. Thanks again for your comment, it is most appreciated.


  6. Hi Gary, what a great vision and idea you have for a website. Just the idea of what your site is about gave me goosebumps, so I guess you’re off to a great start.

    I can’t wait to see your site expand and develop and I have very little doubt that you’ll become very popular. So keep adding articles, I’m eager to read more 🙂


    • Hi Jay. Thanks very much for your comment. I am so pleased that my website gave you a goosebump moment! That is exactly what I am trying to achieve here. I will most definitely be adding many more articles in the near future so please come back and visit soon. Thanks again.


  7. Hi Gary! This is a very good initiative. And yes, I do feel sad on occasions. Sometimes, we just need to appreciate the little things of life. We are all in this together. May you have a lot of success here.

    • Hi Nelly

      It is part of our purpose in life to experience both happy and sad emotions. It is how we learn and grow! We can suppress those sad moments though by appreciating all the good things we have in our lives like you said. Thanks for your input 🙂


  8. Hello, Gary. What a great way to look at things! You know, if we were all happy there would be no conflicts in the world. You know it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile? Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Peggy

      Thanks for your comment. I never knew that about frowning and smiling but what a great way to look at it! All I know is that “a smile is worth a thousand words”. Joy and happiness are our true nature and I think in this day and age people are starting to realise this more. My aim is to spread the word further!

      Thanks again.

  9. hi Gary!
    what a wonderful idea for a site! people need to be inspired and to see success stories, inspiring quotes, and just stories that make them smile. You seem to have done well for yourself so maybe some of your personal experience will guide and inspire others.

    • Hi Emily.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. It is one of my greatest desires in life to inspire others and make a difference in this world. I have so much more content to share on this website in the near future so I hope to see you here again soon.


  10. Hey Gary

    Your website looks really great so far. I am glad you have chosen to focus on having a laugh… It makes the world of a difference when we can stop and take a little time out to just enjoy some random laughs.

    Wealthy Affiliate looks interesting. How long will it take to see some money in my pocket if I join them?


    • Hi Marc. I really appreciate your comment thanks very much. I agree and no matter how bad the day may appear to be, if I find something to giggle at it changes my whole attitude and makes a world of difference to my entire day!

      Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal for sure! The amount of time it will take to see some money in your pocket is entirely up to you though. Like any business you get out what you are prepared to put in. If you can manage to spend a few hours everyday working through their courses whilst building your online business, there is no reason why you should not start to see some profit within just a few months. One thing I can guarantee is that if you join them you will not be disappointed! They will most definitely put you on the road to success.

      Hope this helps and thanks again.

  11. Hello Gary! Your website is exactly what we need more of. Everyone loves to feel good about life and more specifically themselves. This is difficult when things aren’t going our way. Yet, we all need to be reminded how great and wonderful life is and should be, especially at those times when we are experiencing rough challenges.

    My family loved hearing the pit bull singing. And that performance by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill was simply brilliant and captivating! Made us all feel good. How Great God is!!!

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Tony. Thanks so much for your comment and that is exactly what I was wanting to hear! If we can make more people around us feel good then we will all be living in a much happier world. That is the direction that I am pushing this website.

      Thanks again for your input.


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